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Osteopathy treatments can help with a range of symptoms and can leave you feeling relaxed. Below is some information on what you can expect from your first treatment:

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On your first visit you will be with us for an hour. This is because a full case history will be taken, including the reason for your attendance, details of your past medical history and any medication. You will then be examined and treated appropriately.


During an osteopathy treatment you may feel sensations of warmth, pressure, tingling or you may feel nothing at all. Many people find the treatment very relaxing. All subsequent treatments will be half an hour.

What to expect at your first treatment:

Effective osteopathy treatments in Bishops Cleeve

A small number of patients may immediately feel slightly light headed but this will pass. Some people feel sore for 24 hours and others tired. It is recommended that you do not exercise on the day of your treatment and take things easy for a day or two to gain the most from your treatment.

After your treatment:

To keep children relaxed and occupied during treatment we have toys and books in our treatment rooms, but feel free to bring any with you. Do not worry that your child is not very good at staying still, we are very adaptable! Babies may be fed during treatment and this can sometimes be helpful.

Children's treatment:

In general, the longer you have had the problem and the greater the severity, the more treatments are required. The average is usually between 2-6 sessions. Some people opt to come back for maintenance treatments, usually once every three months to keep them problem free.

Number of treatments:

Osteopathic treatment in Bishops Cleeve